How Starbucks is using their AI Platform Deep Brew to continuously innovate and provide a world-class experience for coffee lovers

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If you’ve ever entered a Starbucks store, you’d agree that it’s just like a regular coffee place: espresso shots and latte cups being served, coffee being ground and customers talking to baristas customising their coffee orders. But serving


What challenges companies face with data management and how to begin tackling them

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Data is the fuel of the modern organisation. As it’s proliferated across the enterprise, more people are integrating it into their business and operational decisions. This means that having a robust data management strategy and infrastructure is critical for the success of every data-driven business.

Nevertheless, data management remains a…

How people analytics can help companies in their efforts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in the organisation.

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Our new way of living and working in the COVID-19 era has highlighted how important it is to reinvent how we work, our processes, communication and talent managing methods, performance and engagement measurements, reward plans, and so on.

And during these times of uncertainty and disruption, Human Resources has gained…

Artificial intelligence driving change in the telecom industry

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We witness how the telecom industry is changing every day and artificial intelligence is the main driving force of it. The telecom networks of today connect people. The telecom networks of tomorrow will not only connect people but also things, factories and offer immersive video use cases with the help…

Providing an exceptional customer experience on a global scale

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Brands around the globe, big or small, are giving it all they got, going over and beyond for their customers. They know that their business is as successful as their least satisfied customer.

We’ve previously featured a portion of Uber’s case study in an about the transformation of customer…

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